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Nick Thompson

Name: Nick Thompson
AKA: Not sure I’ve got one, …………have I?
Highlight of cricketing Career to date: Either winning the cup with the seconds in 1992, or captaining the firsts through an unbeaten league campaign and the semi final of the cup in the same season.
Best batting score: 94 no for the 3rd vs. CIYMS. Rank didn’t call 3 wide balls in the last over…not that I’m in any way bitter!
Best bowling figures: I have not really been recognised for my bowling talents in the last few years, but earlier in my Cregagh career I bowled for the 2nd . If my memory is correct in the ’92 cup final my figures were reasonable, 3 for 30ish in 10. Someone will have records and keep me right.
Funniest thing seen on the field of play: Not really a thing, but a series of things involving one particular individual. Referring to a “map” he kept in his pocket so he knew where to go if his field position was changed. Falling over his bat when running because he was trying to stop his “box” slipping down his leg, (never a good idea to wear boxer shorts under your whites). Allowing a four to bounce off the fence beside him, because he was watching the football match on the next pitch.
Who is the worst dancer at the club: I’ve got to be in the running for that particular accolade.
Biggest Influence on your career: Have to say my dad here, although there are many others, including past club members Charlie Corry, and Stewart McCormick.
Previous Clubs: Had a short spell as a schoolboy at North Down before joining Cregagh at 19.
Favourite Cricketing moment: The feeling when we took the last wicket in the last league match of that unbeaten season.
Worst cricketing moment: Isn’t a moment but lasts 3 seasons as Cregagh slip from section 2 to section 4 in successive years, for various reasons, but with one root cause.
Fav. International Player: I T Botham played the game the way I believe it should be, and the way I try to, failing miserably most of the time.
Fav. Ground: Anywhere where the pitch is hard as the road, with no grass on it, the outfield is flat and dry, and the sun is shining. Failing that, in the words of Dorothy, “There’s no place like home”!
Ambitions in the game: I still have to make that elusive hundred, failing that, to make 1000 runs in a season.
Who is last to get the beers in?: They sell beer at Cregagh?
Favorite WAG: Dangerous ground this. Who will read this? Who qualifies as a WAG? If we are talking in house, although all have their merits, I’ve got to say my own current significant other, if I can cast the net further, there will always be a special place for Emma Bunton.